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The need for protection and support for your employees who travel abroad depend on the destination, their tasks and their personal circumstances. Medical Helpline Worldwide GmbH provides you with a range of services that are adapted to the individual needs of your company and your employees. With us as your partner you will meet your Duty of Care obligations (in line with ISO 31030) and will strengthen your business continuity.

Advice &

Emergency Hotline 24/7

Assistance &

Advice & support

We provide a comprehensive medical and organisational plan to protect and care for your employees during their assignments abroad. Thanks to our support before and during your employees’ stay abroad, we minimise the risks associated with the assignment. We are available 24/7 in case an employee falls ill or has an accident.

Our advice and support service includes:

Medical data
storage for

Risk monitoring

Advice on planning
and preparing for
foreign assignments

Cost coverage
with the right
insurance product

Special seminars
on primary

Medical advice and
second medical opinion,
even after the journey

Regular updates on
the medical situation
at the destination

Employee training
prior to
foreign assignments

Medical emergency hotline 24/7

No matter where you are, our doctors are only a phone call away!

Assistance and repatriation

Assistance means to help and care for people in need. The opportunity to receive optimal medical treatment often relies on a great organisational effort to provide the required help. Our Assistance department creates trust and reliability for your employees thanks to an outstanding medical network and individual support. With flexible services and individual solutions, we support you around the clock and offer a comprehensive range of services so that you are able to fully meet your duty of care.


Tina Rahner
Key Account Manager

Mail: [email protected]
Phone:+49 421 240 110-30